British Community Honours Awards

Promoting community cohesion and social integration

Community Awards

community award photograph IMG_1109Community awards are presented by the BCHA to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the welfare and integration of minority communities into mainstream British society. We are honoured to be able to acknowledge these individuals for their efforts, and awards are presented with much thanks from a grateful community.

Awards are presented in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Politics
  • Business – Corporate
  • Business – Entrepreneurial
  • Law & Professional
  • Arts & Culture
  • Social & Humanitarian

How To Recommend Someone

The BCHA Community Awards are a prestigious acknowledgement of contribution to community welfare and minority group social integration.

Please note, nominations are open to those of all backgrounds and faiths, and each application / recommendation is assessed by our panel purely on merit, without bias. We are proud that past recipients of the Community Award represent a wide cross-section of the social and cultural backgrounds that make up modern British society.

If there is someone you would like to recommend for a Community Award, please click here.

Past Award Recipients


Abbey Oshodi
Suleman Raza
Jitu Malde
Ulviyya Taghizade
Ameeta Sabharwa


Mr. Mansoor Ahmad
Negin Bemanzadeh
Mr. Irfan Butt
Icilma Harrison
Mr Nayan Patel
Dr. Ramos-Reyes Remedios
Constable Steve Whitmore


Alero Abbey
Michael Richard Darby
Christian Estrada
Cathy MacGonigal
Anne Mallinson OBE JP
Dr. Peter Wong- Morrow Councillor
Meenal Sachdev
Rajinder Tumber


Gene Alcantara
Madam Maria Andipa
Councillor Morris Bright
Ms Brenda Emmanus
Mrs Gizi Pruthi
Councillor Charles Kelly
Squadron Leader Amir Khan
Mr Steven M Levy
Mr Winston Moore


Ms. Azi Ahmed
Ms. Cynthia Barker
Mrs. Doreen Golding (Pearly Queen)
Mrs. Barbara Newman CBE CC
Mr. Kunle Olulode
Mrs. Daphne Slater
Mrs. Eileen O Walkin BA MA


Shehneela Jabeen Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmad
James Blair
Daniel Doherty
Dolores Read
Ahmereen Reza
Viredra Shama M.P.
Thakrar Prakash
Mercy Chinyere Umeh


Zaheer Ahmed MBE
Sasha Capocci
Dr.Yvonne Kuyinu-Jarvis h.c.
Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan MP
Philip Lingard
Mrs. Loretta Shekerdemian
Graham R Thorn
Mrs. Virginia Villiers


Miss Karen Aston
Peter Lewis-Crown OBE
Prof. William David Montagu Corry
Jamilla Govani
Fukhera Khalid
Fatima Khouchoua
BK Jayanti Kirpalani
Mrs. Usha Kong
Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS
Tracey Scarsbrook
The Rt. Hon. Baroness Verma of Leicester


Patti Boulaye
Mayor Kemal Butt
Master Jun Hong Lu
Revd. Rana Youab Khan
Esther Rantzen
David Sasoon
Dr. Suraiya Zia
Orphans in Need


Sydney Asoor
Riz Dar
Vasi H-Daniel
Mr. Jiao Jiangong
Dr. Joy Philipo
Mr. M. Sarwar


APS Chawla
Hardyal Luther
Jaqui Porter
Mr Yi Ren
Dr. Rami Ranger
Daniel D. Ronen
Sarita Sabharwal


Mr Bei
Kamel Hothi
Annette Middleton
Dr. Mirza
I Wahab


Ahmed Abdel Aziz Aly
Ikram Butt
Canon Chris Chivers
Dr. Ashraf Chohan
Dr. Nicholas Bernard Hart
Mohsin Ali Khan
Jeff Mirza
Dr. Wafik Mustafa
Dr. Spinder


Admral Amjad Hussein
Mr. I Khalifa
Rev. Canon Edward Pogmore
Mr R Ranger
Mr. Sayed


I Carlisle
Mrs, R Alvi
A Aly
Y Ridley
Sayeeda Warsi


Rajkumari Hira Sisodia Hyatt
Zia Samdani
Iltaf Sheikh


Nasa Begum
Dr. Shakeel Qureshi
Samiah Faridi Saeed
Dr. Syed Massroor
Karim M. Ladhu ( Lord of Somerton St. Cleers)


Sherry Rehman
Dr. Adel Abbas
Mrs.Naznin Coker
Noorjehan Danani
Tariq Ghaffur
Shahpur Khabraji
Talat Mahmood
P J Mir
Zahoor Niazi
Mr. Risalludin
Seema Andalib Rizvi
Mohamed Sadeeq
Minar Sultana
Shnaz Voraj
Sir Gulam Noon


Nighat Awan
Gulshan Jamani
Ameera Akbar alli
Akbar alli
Huma Price
Ejaz Butt
Kassam Afzal
Veeda Ahmed
Dr. Bashir Qureshi
Reedah Nijabat


Ibrar ul Haq

Please note: the trustees retain the right to annul or cancel any award where (a) the basis of the award has subsequently been discovered to have been made in error or fraudulently, or (b) brings the BCHA into disrepute.  Cancellations are entirely at the discretion of the trustees.